Behind This Face Audio Rescue

This is an example of how to overcome production limitations, Audio is represents 50% of any picture.. as they say, Picture delivers information and Sound delivers emotions.

Behind this face is a collaborative project dedicated to promote awareness about the real truth on models, this was one of the early interviews shot where the model is also a singer and decided to show us a sample of her vocal abilities.

Unfortunately the video was shot with regular still photography equipment, in this case we had a great performance by such a talented artist, yet the problem remained due to the noisy photography lights COOLING FAN… It almost covered the entire frequency spectrum making the video almost useless.

Here’s where audio rescue is critical, voice frequencies had to be segregated from the noise profile by a series of cleanup processes, resulting with a good noiseless & audible vocal line… afterwards I still felt it’s a little flat, i decided to introduced some piano chords that went along with the vocal line and added the drama feel to video.



Director: Mansoor A. Bahtti

Edited by: Zeeshan Ali Mirza

Audio Cleanup and Music: Khaled Hamdy (khaledhamdy.net)